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Starting to study for the Network+ Exam.

Material I plan on using is...
1. Jason Dion Videos
2. Exam Cram Book
3. Jasion Dion Practice Exams


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    Looks like your off to a good start! Check out Professor Messer's Network+ Study Group videos on YouTube and he has some good course notes. Good Luck!
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    @Johnhe0414 and @Skyliinez92 dang I forgot about him, I used him for Security+. I just finished Jason's videos.
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    Ugh i just realized that Jason Dion's vids are on Safari Books, which i have access to for free from work! I didn't have to pay for his courses on UDemy... Dang!  :'(
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    Pretty sure you can get refunds for Udemy courses within a certain time period, assuming you didn't download the entire course.
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    @yoba222 yeah I looked it up. says within 30 days. I literally watched the entire jason dion udemy course already,  i didn't download it though. I'm going to try and get my money back for the CySA+ course though.
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    I passed! :smiley:

    I just want to say a couple weeks ago I took this exam with no prior studying because I was struggling with one of my WGU classes and was wondering if I was grasping the information or not. I ended up getting a 692 and you need a 720 to pass. Well about a week ago I decided to study for it because I was so close to passing. I watched Jason's videos, I got through about 4 chapters of the exam cram then I just started using the book and Jason's course notes as note correction guides for the practice exams. I set my alarm for the wrong time but luckily randomly woke up and rushed to get ready and did a quick 30 min review.

    On to CySA+
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    You can get the cram notes at This will help you in quick review of concepts
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    I've been studying a week. Completely new to IT so I'm learning from complete scratch. Any ideas how long it may take? Seems A LOT to learn.
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    What have been your resources so far @Runner88 ?
    Skyliinez92 I'm using the Anthony Sequeira Net+ book (borrowed from a friend so don't have access to the online resources) and been watching Professor Messer and Jason Dion Videos....I do pretty well in the tests at the end of each chapter so far, but not sure that they equate to how the questions in the exam will be.
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