Back at it .

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Back to techexams  to start the job search.  

I took a chance and left a full time role for a contact position. Money wasn't much better, I just wanted to try a different role. As a result the contract had ended and I am on to my next challenge. 

I am from the DFW area and the market is fairly good Looking for something in the middle east if possible. 
I appreciate the communities existence and hope to add some value  here. 


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    Is the Carrollton area too far?  We're looking for two security positions.  Both dealing with vulnerability management. One position will handle the scans (web apps, servers, workstations).  The other will handle tracking vulnerabilities (scan and pen testing results), reporting them to the appropriate teams, and assist in remediation (so will need some coding background so you can explain in details to developers the best practices to remediate). 
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    If Irving, TX is a good work location for you then please give my place of business a look-see:
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    I applied at Verizon last night I believe . We will see how things go.

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    I was born and raised in Irving, TX! Good luck!
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    Ah, yes, there is also a Verizon facility in Richardson, TX where the NSOC operates, as described in that job posting. They cover different areas of the Verizon network than the SOCs in Irving do. 
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    I applied at Version last week, and EY as well.  We will see how things go.  On a more positive note ,  the down time allows me to take care of sick kids and finish some other things.
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