SSCP or CCENT in 40days?

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Hello All, Im in the midst of attempting to find a cert I can complete by October 15th. I had begun studying for the SSCP a month or so ago, however we recently had a newborn and that, of course, affected study time.
The reason I have a hard date is that that's my next work performance review. I'm a Network Engineer with 8 years in IT, I took the Security + back in October and I know there is a fair amount of cross over. I feel like I can study at least 1 to 2 hours a day. I've been teeter totting between this cert and CCENT. I want to get my CCNA before the Febuary Certpocalypse as well and wondering what most of you that have been in this position before would do.

Thanks for your perspective and guidance!


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    I'm not a network engineer and completed CCENT in 2 months, spending 1-2 hours each day. Due to your experience I see why you can't complete it in 40 days.

    I used CBTNuggets and followed along with the labs and did every single practice paper I got my hands on, Boson was very good although much more complex than what I got in the exam. 

    The labs I got in the exam were fairly easy, basic configuration and show commands which you may already be comfortable with.

    Just my 2 cents, all the best.
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    I'd think someone without a networking background could get their CCNA with 5 months of studying...  A Network Engineer... Yea... I'd almost hope you could get your CCNA in 40 days given you say you are putting in 1 to 2 hours a day. 

    You also probably have the experience to go for the CISSP over the SSCP as well.   Unless your company is paying for it I wouldn't waste your time on the SSCP. 

    If you plan on staying in more on the Networking side I'd probably lean towards the CCNA first I guess.  
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    Thanks for the great replies. Yes, the company I'm with does pay for Certs luckily. Im gonna roll with CCENT\CCNA in the timeline I've set. Where I work we primarily use Brocade and Meraki Switches. So I have alot more Experience with their hardware than I do Cisco. But the show commands are quite similar and I have a lot of experience standing up whole environments from the ground up.

    Again thanks for the Info, gonna knock this one out and move on to the next one!
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