WGU BS Cyber security info and assurance vs BS Net OP + security

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so coming from a mostly sales/marketing/business development background, I want to finally finish my BS I had changed courses many times but ended w psychology and fell short of the the requirements(I just wasn’t as focused back then) Now that I’m looking to get into the cyber sec field which would be better a better starting point between these two degrees? I was thinking of going with the cyber degree and possibly getting a cnna on my own to decrease time earning the degree and the ccna I would get just to be more marketable. Is it worth just doing the net ops then trying to pivot to security later? Or should I just go with cyber and go from there? Also, I do some help desk in my current role mostly pw resets and rebooting routers and when an issue can take be resolved I start a ticket and escalate the issue. So I basically have a generally understanding of IT but really do have a deep passion to learn more and get into the field, just need some direction on which degree to get to better position myself. Sorry if I was all over the place I just have been going crazy between the two and searching on reddit and google lol 

TLDR which degree would better position someone coming from a non tech background into the cyber field?


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    One thing to keep in mind, the CCNA is changing to include more Python automation. That means more programming than what some people are used to. The only concern I would have is whether the WGU BS Net Ops degree would account for that by the time you'd be ready to take the exam. The CCNA is changing February 24th 2020, so if you're just starting toward the cert, It's most likely better to wait at this point in my opinion. I'm planning on waiting myself. For me, it's not that I couldn't press and complete the cert in time, but the network automation piece covered in the new content I believe would make the updated cert that much more valuable to an employer long-term. My only concern with starting a Network Ops course now would be if the content wouldn't change fast enough to reflect changes in the market. Note: I haven't gone through each of those degrees, or went to WGU to tell you one way or the other.
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