CSX Fundamentals QA Database

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Hello all,

I have already looked around but didn't find a QA database for CSX Fundamentals, like the one ISACA  have for CISA, CISM etc. Is there something else that I could use as a substitute (know about the 25 questions assessment ISACA has on their website).

Would also appreciate any other tips you have for exam preparation or sitting in this exam in general.


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    cochi78cochi78 Member Posts: 72 ■■■□□□□□□□
    To be honest, working thoroughly through the CSX-F guide helped me enough to pass the exam. It's not overly complicated and I think a QA database is even a bit overkill.

    If you feel unsure about the exam, you can bolster up topics from the guide with some third party courses/books, especially if you got a Safaribooks account (you can get that for $99 a year via ACM).
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