CLF-C01 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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I just passed the CLF-C01 exam for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. I have not worked with AWS at all, although I have been getting my hands dirty on Google Cloud Platform and, especially, Microsoft Azure. I decided to take it because, frankly, I was frustrated with the level of difficulty of the AZ-103 exam (Azure Administrator Associate), for which I have been preparing for months. I sought out the CP as a distraction, and after receiving the very light Cert Guide by Anthony Sequeira, which barely exceeds 200 pages, I knew I could pass the exam in short order if I applied the effort.
And I did just that, reading through the bulk of the material in a few days. I had no prior experience with AWS at all, although I was familiar with cloud computing principles and with the types of services that AWS's competitors provide, and around which the cloud industry appears to have marshaled its energies. Sequeira formed my only study resource, with some supplementation from the landing pages for AWS's many services, which are mentioned only in passing in the book. As I do with every exam, I made the effort to compose hundreds of Anki flashcards, not only from every item in the book's glossary but also the "Do You Know It Already" questions that introduce each chapter, typical of all the Cert Guides published by Pearson IT Certification.
This was probably a lot of wasted effort, since the online practice exam, to which you get access along with the physical copy of the book, is derived entirely from those same questions. And you are also granted access to flash cards through that same online portal, which I didn't know about until I had already sunk my time and effort into making my own.
I explained in a previous post how I first attempted to take advantage of the online proctoring, which had only been announced a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I ran into technical issues and was forced to cancel the exam (my refund is pending). I live close to a local university whose testing center I am very familiar with, and I was able to take the exam there.


If you're preparing for this exam, I don't recommend spending the little bit of extra money for the physical copy just for the practice exam: as I said, the practice exam provided with this Cert Guide is made up entirely of the DIKTA questions, so it's not worth it.
But even as a learning resource, Sequeira's book is poorly structured and ineffective. More than one chapter is literally 10 pages long, including front and back matter like DIKTA and review questions. The real exam's questions are much more difficult and demand deeper and broader knowledge of AWS services than what the DIKTA questions would have you believe.
If you follow the guidelines set forth by Amazon and only go for this certification after 6 months of actually using the services covered (EC2, CloudFront, CloudFormation, Trusted Advisor, etc), you will be more than well-prepared to pass this exam without preparation. In fact, I would say you might actually be well on your way to being able to get an Associate-level cert!
If you are already familiar with the infrastructure, services, and principles of cloud computing generally from exposure to a competing provider, then you simply have to study up on the names and particularities of AWS's specific services, and I would refer you to the exam guide provided by AWS rather than Sequeira.
However, if you are completely unfamiliar with cloud computing, Sequeira will read like a lot of distilled jargon with bulleted lists of AWS service names and gobbledygook.
Unfortunately, there simply aren't many resources for this entry-level exam, but I would like to hear someone else try this study guide and let the forum compare between the two!


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    Congrats on the pass! Are you going back to Azure 103 now?
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    Well done!
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    chrisone said:
    Congrats on the pass! Are you going back to Azure 103 now?
    I think so
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    Hi i have done this exam - it was a bit of an filler for me though as I failed the AWS Soln Arch Asso on the first attempt with 65% (think I needed 72%) and had to wait 2 weeks to resit so took the CCP in the mean time and got 90% on it.

    I read the book - or rather skimmed it in a few days (AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide: Associate SAA-C01 Exam 2nd Edition)
    Personally I thought it was ok and but not as a primary resource, it appears that AWS add stuff to the exams all the time and there was a few things not covered for either exam, but as a primer for AWS it was pretty clear and a nice intro book - although one more time not sufficient to pass the AWS SA-A with and as title suggests not focused on the CCP exam.

    I would recommend the book but also something like aCloud Guru (which I used) or one of the other online providers as well - it might be people are reluctant to use CBT as historically they are not used to it but I thought it was quite good and is the way to go with things like AWS.

    interested to hear other thoughts.
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    I'm a complete newbie at this Amazon AWS and don't know much about cloud computing as my background is in Voice Systems and Contact Centers.  I'm guessing my first step is get Certified Cloud Practitioner?  I'v Google a lot and currently doing the free Amazon Cloud Prac Essentials training.  Can you recommend anything else to help a beginner get a grasp of AWS?  My focus is primarily to be proficient with AWS Connect and services that are used by Connect.
    Your input are appreciated Cheers!
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