Microsoft Azure certification renewal

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Hey All,

Hope all is well. I just recently completed the Azure Security Engineer Associate (Az-500) certification. It was brutal, but I made it through :smiley:

I didn't realize that the Azure Security exam has an expiration date (valid for 2 years). It understandably makes sense, but I wasn't expecting it as my Azure MTA did not have an expiration date. Do the other Azure certifications expire (e.g. administrator, devops, architecture)? My preconceived notion with Microsoft certifications are that they don't really "expire" just that the technology of course eventually phases out.

I was wondering what the renewal process is like with the Azure exams. Did some googling, but didn't see any consensus on renewal for the Azure certifications. I imagine the only way to renew is to resit the same Azure exam, but does anyone here know for sure? 

I have no issues to resit the same exam, but Cisco has spoiled me with their model. It was always nice learning, studying, and passing something new to renew past certs. From what it appears, Microsoft doesn't do this (where I could take another Azure associate level cert to renew my associate Azure security cert). Again if anyone knows differently, that would be nice to know.


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    Brilliant. I love that answer!

    Side question - you wouldn't be associated with Skylines Academy, are you?
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    Haha they do indeed. Since you aren't affiliated (at least I truly hope not) - I can be a bit more honest with my response :wink: . I purchased their Azure security course on Udemy when it was on sale for $9.99. It was OK. I will say that they are one of the few CBTs for the Azure security cert. I used their videos as the intro to a cert, but definitely had to combine it with other videos, whitepapers, and practice labs. Their video series for the AZ-500 seemed like it was pieced together from their other courses and not tailored specifically for the AZ-500 exam. That made it feel disjointed at parts. I considered them when I studied for the AZ-900 intro cert, but at the last minute when with my man Scott Duffy.
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