Estimated monthly cost of running on demand AWS services for certification labbing

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Anyone have an idea on how much it would cost monthly to run a personal AWS on demand subscription for the sake of labbing for AWS certifications? I will be starting with the AWS cloud practitioner then likely moving onto the solutions architect.

My high level estimate is about 100 hours of run time a month with likely only a few of instances running at a time. Storage for each instance would be next to nothing and vCPUs kept at the absolute minimum.
I ran the AWS pricing estimate tool and it came to about $20-$35/month. Does this seem like a fair estimate to properly lab each of the exam objectives? My assumption is that the pricing calculator estimates on the low end. Also, that labs for the cloud practitioner exam will cost significantly less than the architect one.

Since I am funding this myself, I'd like to keep costs low, but not to the detriment of failing the exams. I would terminate all instances once the labs are complete to prevent any extraneous run time. If anyone has any insight as to how much it cost them, that would be great!


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    psytek000psytek000 Member Posts: 17 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks! I'll look into the billing alerts
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    I like that estimate. I am working towards my Architect Associate and spending between $15-35 per month. I do not log hours though. In the past I've been bitten by leaving elastic IPs running and racking up the bill. As mentioned above, now I have alerts at $5 intervals which help me easily spot if something was forgotten and it's causing charges.
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