Failed ICND2 Second Attempt by 11 Pts. What Now ?

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After failing my first attempt at ICND2 by 100 points back in June, I took it again today and failed by 11 points. Even getting this score was incredibly difficult considering I work overnight at a NOC, have family commitments during the day and have little to no time to study. I tried to get by both times by just studying the OCG / Lammle book and doing the Boson ExSim. I did very little labbing. I'm really discouraged because I really thought I had it this time.

Here's my score breakdown:

LAN Switching Technologies - 50%

Routing Technologies - 41%

WAN Technologies - 50%

Infrastructure Services - 63%

Infrastructure Maintenance - 56%

TOTAL: 800 / 811 (needed to pass!)

So what do you guys think? I start classes for my Master's degree next Wednesday, so even less time for studying for ICND2 after Wednesday. Do I lab it up for a week and take the exam next week? Take more time to try to study and pass it ?? Something else???

I'm really frustrated with ICND2. I'm looking for some good advice here. I will then make a plan and follow through.


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    Man.. that is so close!
    If it were me I would go back at it after doing labs for a week or so while I was still fresh.

    Personally, I'm a very visual learner and have to do labs to make things "click".

    I'm studying for the ICND1 currently, and I find that packet tracer is a life saver. I am basically forcing myself to build test scenarios and make them connect. My current goal is to build my entire company's network in packet tracer from scratch and verify cross connectivity in between sites. I figure if I can do that I probably won't have any issues with the exam other than studying terminology and subnetting. 
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    I hate to say it this way, but your cramming is not helping.  With Cisco exams, you NEED to lab as much as possible.  When I took the ICND1, I almost got a perfect score.  However, when I took ICND2, I almost failed, and I was at the end of my Bachelor's degree.  I would talk with your school where you're starting your Master's and see what they might be able to do to help with your study schedule.  Focus on routing, as that will help increase your scores in Routing and WAN.  Assuming that your previous attempt in June was 100 points less, logic says that you will still retain what you know, so just focusing on your weak points will more than likely get you a Pass.
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    You have to focus on what you don't know. Sounds obvious but work through the blueprint and check off the required learning. You also mentioned yourself that you tried to cut corners- you now know you can't. It seems like you have alot on your plate with starting your Masters. My suggestion is to keep studying bit by bit and do your part 2 in February.
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     would suggest you lab all of the concepts in packet tracer then try it again as soon as possible.

    My personal final review was to build a single packet tracer file that contained samples of everything that we studied.
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    Hey congratulations! Hard work pays off.
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    Good job, glad to see you did not take all of my advice. Good luck on Masters
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    Congrats, glad to hear it!
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    Cheers! 🍻
    Glad you passed. Now you can focus all of that time on your degree! 
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