How to Open a VCF File?

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VCF stands for “vCard” files and they contain all your contact related information that can be accessed by email like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook desktop client, and so on. You need a computer system to access this action. You can add contact information by launching a VCF file. Here we are providing many methods to Open VCF Files that store contacts on mails:

Opening a VCF file Using Gmail account

1. Type in the web browser of your system. It will provide you the listings of all your Gmail contacts only if you have logged into your Gmail Account.

· In case you haven’t logged in, you will be required to enter your mail ID and the password to open it.

2. If you have opened an incorrect Google account, tap on the profile picture in the upper-right edge of your screen. Now select the account from the pull-down list. In case you are unable to view your desired account, click on the Add account option and here you can enter your email ID and specific password to open it.

3. Tap on the “More” button at the left part of your contact page. By doing this action, various choices will display on your screen just below the “More” title.

4. Press on the “Import” button. It is located at the lower part of the “More” title on the left-hand side of your Contact page. After doing this action, a prompt will appear.

5. Tap on the “CSV or vCard file” option at the lower side of the list of choices.

6. Now press on “Select File” – a blue colored button appears inside the prompt window.

7. Click on your desired VCF file to open in your Gmail account.

8. Tap on the “Open” button situated at the lower right edge of your window. After this, your file starts uploading.

9. Click on the “Import” button below the pop-up window. Now you will see that your VCF contacts information will instantly be attached to the Gmail account.

Opening VCF File using Yahoo

1. Open webpage in your system browser. It launches your Yahoo account inbox in case you’ve signed in.

· In case you aren’t signed in to the account, provide your Yahoo ID and password to proceed further.

2. Now open the contacts list by clicking the “Contacts” icon at the top-right part of the screen. In case you have an old version of Yahoo account, hit on the notebook icon at the top left portion of your window.

3. Press “Import Contacts” located under the central column of the Contact sheet.

4. Tap on the “Import” button present at the right portion of the ” File Upload” title. A prompt will show.

5. Now press on “Choose File” option situated at the topmost part of the pop-out window. Then a File Explorer or Mac Finder will appear.

6. Click on the VCF file that you wish to upload in Yahoo.

7. Hit on the ” Open” button at the lowermost right portion of your screen. Now the VCF doc file will be transferred to the pop-out window.

8. Now tap on the ” Import” button present at the lower part of the pop-out screen. After this action, all of your contacts will be imported to your Yahoo account.

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