CCSP Online Self-Paced Training

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Hi everyone,

Has anyone done the CCSP Online Self-Paced Training course provided by Isc2 ? My work is willing to cover the cost for this online training if required, so money is not an issue here.

Besides field experience, I've seen that most people in this forum have used the CCSP (ISC)2 Official Student Guide and the CCSP CBK Student Kit to pass the exam, so I'm planning to read those as well. I'm just waiting to see whether they will release an updated version of these books since the exam got updated on August 1st. The online self-paced training will get updated in October according to Isc2.

I'm wondering whether everything they teach you in the Online Self-Paced Training is in the student guide and CBK books as well.

Also, is there any practice exams that you would recommend for CCSP, especially the ones that word the questions in a similar structure to the real exam ?


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