Artificial Intelligence as a degree?

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I received a great opportunity to earn another degree.  I am interested in artificial intelligence but am primarily a security specialist.

Anyone have any insight into the AI career field or education related to it?


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    IMO a masters degree in computer science with a focus on AI would be the best bet. Find a university with a strong research focus on AI
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    I'd be slightly worried about the term "AI" becoming outdated in 10 years but you'd be stuck with it on the degree. I imagine having a degree today in "cyberspace." The courses might have been excellent, but "cyberspace." I could be wrong here. Way better than a degree in blockchain I suppose.

    This actually sounds like a fun thing to dedicate studying in the form of a degree.
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    "AI"?  Isn't that just a buzzword for a bunch of nested for/while loops? /s

    Edit: "/s" for those that couldn't tell.
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