CCPA implementation of controls.

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Anyone that is currently working on CCPA Compliance has any feedback on what are the technical processes they started to implement or how they did it?


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    catscapscatscaps Member Posts: 24 ■■■□□□□□□□
    We lightly touched GDPR implementation, but with CCPA more closely impacting us, we have updated our digital destruction policy and implemented automation to data destruction across various on-prem and cloud-based data. We are still investigating how to validate requests. We fall under GBLA, so we need to ensure we get rid of data we don't need, as soon as we are allowed to. It is a major culture shift, before it was save everything, never delete....just in case. 
    At least for the first year, depending on the quantity of requests, it will be a rather manual process for us. We assume the request should be low.

    Where are you in the process?
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