Sumo Logic Fundamentals exam passed

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It's been a year since i last passed an exam lol. Enter Sumo Logic! 

Ok with all seriousness,  I just need to know how many CPEs I can claim for this pass.
 The exam is a 30 question exam, 60 minutes time limit and open book. Just very fundamental knowledge of the Sumo Logic platform.  So can I claim 40 credits? Their training says typically people spend about 3 hours of self pace training in order to pass it. So that means I can claim 3 CPEs? 


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    Congrats! I'm not aware of this tool, when I read Sumo that's what came to mind:
    Image result for Sumo deadlift


    Check out my YouTube Channel!

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    @UnixGuy is basically a competitor of Elastic Search. Sumo logic ingests machine data and provides you with metrics and information about your data in graphs, reports etc.
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    Hi! I’m the Training and Documentation manager at Sumo Logic and I can confirm the live classes are 3 hours of instruction. Each would class is 180 minutes of instruction or 3.6 credits. 

    If you have more questions, email us at training at
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