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First and Foremost, I can not begin to speak how much this place has helped me on my Certification Journey. Every time there's a victory for me there's a victory for this forum because information sharing is so important nowadays and you wouldn't believe a simple quote of " know your weak points" or I used this source for last minute overview could help someone. anywho enough of that! lets get to the meat and bones, the reason you probably clicked on this discussion :blush::smile::smile:

I attended a Sans training earlier this year and also purchased the on demand content afterwards just as a extra source to have for clarification on sections i see fit. I can not stress enough how important it is to know your artifacts for this exam. know every piece of detail about them, how they are stored via OS/Browser Version. practicing in your SIFT workstation is a must as you will see output and different tools used to create these outputs, you will need to know the schematics of the tools and the output. bring your RED DFIR Poster in with you as it will help you quickly sort out an location to an artifact. ummm hmmph shellbags and USB forensics is important also so know your stuff from these two sections. overall, create a balance and schedule to put the time in to study this stuff and also don't wait until the week of the test like i did to take your practice exams because they are closely aligned with the exam and can also be good review point once you have identified your weak areas....

HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE :blush::blush:  


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