What after CEH if u are interested in Cyber Security and Networking Zone?

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I am really confused! Its not easy to select as their are many options out there.I need help and Guidance Pls.


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    SANS certification (if your employer can sponsor it).

    eLearnsecurity have good courses


    ISC2 CISSP (if you have the experience requirements).

    if you tells us more about your current experience/degree/certs and career goals, we can help you more

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    GIAC.org has an array of certifications.

    Definitely check out their website.

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    For people who think they may be interested in cybersecurity as a career path, I always advise looking at the study materials for the CompTIA Security+ certification. If you are specifically interested in (Cyber) Security Operations Center (SOC) work, look at the CompTIA CySA+ certification.

    If the topics in either of these certs really interest you then you might be right for a cybersecurity career. If you think the material is dry and boring, you might be better to consider cybersecurity as a side-specialization to a different primary career path, such as software development or network engineering.

    For an introductory look at IP networking as a career, CompTIA Network+ and Cisco CCNA are what to look at.

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    Well OP, I guess it depends on which area in cyber security you are interested in. There are many areas (auditor/consultant), policy, penetration testing/red teaming, blue teaming, DF/IR, the list goes on. Not sure of your background/work experience but I would say reach out to people you work with/know and ask them for lunch and see what they do, what day to day is like, perks/downsides etc. Another cert isn't going to help. Once you know what path you want to go down, then pursue a cert that can lead into that potential job etc. 
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