Cybersecurity Weekly: “Nice guy” hacker attacks Tom’s, programmer hacks hackers

A hacker encourages others to spend more time outside. A hacked programmer retaliates by hacking hackers who hacked him. A phishing incident results in a leak of personal information for 60,000 patients. All this, and more, in this week’s edition of Cybersecurity Weekly.

1. Toms Shoes’ mailing list hacked to tell users to log off

A self-proclaimed “nice man” hacked Toms Shoes’ email newsletter list last week. The hacker told journalists that the hack of Toms was easy, but shared no details about how it had occurred. What he did share was a strong message against those who hack with more malicious intent.
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2. Hacked programmer retaliates by hacking hackers who hacked him

Germany-based programmer Tobias Fromel was affected by Muhstik ransomware a few months ago. In retaliation, he recently released around 3,000 decryption keys as well as the free decryptor software, which he acquired by hacking the hacker behind the ransomware. In an interview, he said he did this to help others who were attacked by the ransomware.
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3. Phishing incident exposes medical, personal info of 60,000 patients

Community-based healthcare system Methodist Hospitals from Gary, Indiana, disclosed that sensitive personal and medical information for 68,039 individuals may have been exposed. On August 7, a forensic investigation determined that two Methodist employees fell victim to a phishing attack that resulted in unauthorized access to their email accounts.
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