Career advice on possibility of transitioning from QA to Cyber Security - INDIA

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Hey guys,
I have a few questions related to getting a job in the cyber security field, but first I'll give you some background on me.

I am 25 years old with 2.5 years of experience in Software Testing in India. I am interested in security field, have started doing courses in Cybrary.

So the questions i have are,
Will it be possible to shift my career towards any security field given my background?
What certifications are worth going for? and what level of knowledge would I need before attempting to get them?
How hard of a process will this be for me? I'm starting out with very limited knowledge and a different background, and Has anyone went from knowing very little to getting a decent job in security?

Few of the Courses which i got recommended
1. CEH v10 from Koenig Solutions -
2.  Stanford Advanced Computer Security from great learning

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