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I took the Azure AZ103 exam twice. The first time when it got to the simulator section I foudn I could not select a part of the screen, it wouldn't scale so clicking on anything in the lower or right part of the screen would be impossible and had to tab and type without actually seeing what I was doing.

The test center was great and called the provider and was told that the exam was written for one browser but the center used another and gave me a refund for the exam. 

Second time (I waited a few weeks to see if they fixed it) the same thing was happening and the exam center (different one) shrugged and said that it was too bad but they don't care.  So before I reschedule the exam I was wondering if anyone else had seen or experienced this.


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    Never experienced but you might want to go to another test center...
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    Agreed, find another test center. 

    Isn't this exam available for you to take at home with the proctored software?

    I just took the AZ 900 Fundamentals at home. The software ran great on win10 laptop. 
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    I’d just take it at home.  I have had so many issues with testing centers over the years because they have tended to have the worst quality systems for exam takers (they don’t really have much of an incentive as they don’t make money from it).
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