Overqualified ?

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Do others get the same response when applying to jobs?  

I honestly don't think my qualifications are that impressive . 
Maybe I should rewrite my resume and remove certifications and some education?

All depends on the position I would think....


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    Very much applies to the position, if you have an MBA/CISSP/CISM, etc and are going for a lower level position, you're going to be written off as overqualified. I once didn't even interview a guy for a Jr security analyst position who had a CISSP, MS degree and was already a security engineer, it made no sense, he was looking for a job to move across the country to be with family. He would have been gone in 2 seconds when he found another job, justifiably. 

    Anyway, are the roles you're applying to making sense based on your on paper qualifications?
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    The positions were Sr SOC Engineer  and Sr. Security  Analyst , but  I can see the risk from a business standpoint.  

    Perhaps I should focus on an Architect role. 
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    MBA and CISM for those roles... seeing those would make me believe you are focusing on getting a manager type role in the near future
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    I think the overqualified part is sometimes a way to say you may be asking more than they want to give? If you have certain qualifications, there may be an assumption that you want to have a level of salary they're not going to give.

    Another aspect, as already mentioned, would be someone who looks like a manager applying for a hands-on technical role. I think that's unfair and people should choose where they want to go (and you might have to fight to be able to explain that to someone candidly), but I can see people being wary of that manager just looking for a temporary job while they look for that next manager role.

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