ICND2 studying over lunch at work?

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Hey there, Techexams! I'm looking to pick up my CCNA before the February cutoff, but I don't have a lot of time outside of work and school. About a year ago, I took a couple CCNA prep courses at my local community college, so I'm familiar with most of the objectives on the ICND2. My question is: does anyone know of any CCNA study resources/methods that can be done an hour at a time? I'd love to find something like Powershell in a Month of Lunches, but for the ICND2.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    I remember using the Pearson Labsim CD on a laptop in the parking lot for 30-45 minutes before my work shift began to do CCNA labs. There were probably like 100 labs and it worked out pretty well. I kind of forced myself into doing it by arriving early -- either that or sit in the parking lot doing nothing.
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    BOSON - less than $100 after you create an account.

    Use Packet tracer to practice the labs that are not online.

    https://www.ccna7.com - LOTS of PT labs
    https://www.****.com/category/ccna-lab-challenges - the online lab challenges are decent if you are new to networking ** Uses Adobe Flash**

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    Maybe the cbtnuggets videos by Jeremy.
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    I second cbtnuggets. Probably the best resource I have used so far.
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    These are all solid suggestions, thanks everyone! Hopefully I'll get a chance to mention what worked for me when I post my "I passed" thread!
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    Just remember time management will help you a long way!
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