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Hello everyone!


My name is Michael and I just signed up to this forum. I am posting this question on multiple similar websites with the hope of getting some advice and guidance on how to start a career in the IT field. I know everyone is busy with their lives and careers, but I do want to take a moment to give a huge thanks ahead of time to those who take a minute out of their day to post here. I truly do appreciate it.


I have a four-year degree, but it’s not related to business nor computers nor mathematics. I do have some experience working in IT but it’s very simple and basic. Think of something that’s not even tier one help desk. It was a mix between retail and very small businesses. I do know the very basics but when it comes to terminology and how systems function, I know very little. I’m currently a K-7 math tutor and substitute.


From what I have gathered and been reading online everyone is suggesting either a type of Microsoft certification or COMPTIA certification. Diving deeper it seems that specifically Network+ from COMPTIA is probably the best place for me to start if I want to dive into a career path in IT and make a livable wage while still being able to grow and progress myself. I found an exam guide by Mike Meyers for Network+ Exam N10-007 and free videos on YouTube by Professor Messer. I must admit that most of the terminology are terms and phrases that I have never heard of, but I understand their importance. Even simple terms such as TCP, IP, DSL, and UDP I find myself having to look up and watch videos on in order to just grasp the basic concepts and definitions of. I do like it though, it’s rewarding and enjoyable to learn and strive towards a career in IT. Are there other “easier” certification exams that I can study for (which are noob friendly) that people would suggest over Network+ but also can land at least a basic job that has decent pay? Something minimum starting $40k+ but room for growth?


Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on effective ways to study for Network+ N10-007 and any other resources or guides (preferably free) that I can look over to understand basic terminology that is required or expected from someone studying for this certification exam? Again, thank you in advance to everyone who is taking time out of their busy schedules to post here and guide me in the right direction. I very much want to get into the IT career path and become successful. Thanks all!
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