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I'm going through some Sec+ training and the trainers are specifying different brands or names of programs, ie popular hacker tools, packet reading programs, etc.  Is it recommended that I memorize these?  I did take Sec+ years ago, but I don't remember if there was anything that specific or if I just needed to know the basics... ie what types of packet reading programs are out there vs the actual brands of the programs.  Hopefully that question isn't breaking any rules.  I am not asking for actual question examples or anything of that nature.  Just, where to focus my study.  I didn't notice any brands listened on the exam objectives, so would that be a good indication to not focus on memorizing that?  (I work for someone who gives me no choice in programs, so I don't have a lot of motivation to memorize them for use in the, "real world," either).


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    The test objectives list what you should now. Haven't looked at them in a while but off the top of my head NMAP, Wireshark, Metasploit. Are those the tools you were referring to?
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    They have mentioned those and several others, such as Reaver for brute-force attacking routers, MiniStumber, Kismet, NetStumbler, etc.  They have probably mentioned 20 or so specific tools.  It's hard to tell if they are just mentioning an example just to mention an example, or if they are trying to relay test information.  This training is not just regurgitating the test like some training models seem to be (FedVTE/Carnegie Mellon University).  
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    Brands? No. Tools? Yes.
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    Same here haven't seen the objectives, but it seems like most all infosec certs (the technical level ones) expect you to be able to associate the tool to its purpose (e.g. Hydra for password cracking). So I'd just flash card it for those 100 or so tools and be done with it. They'll come up again after this cert.
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    Learn the tools and what they do. 
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    I will add them in my study cards then, thank you!
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