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Having just completed the Azure Solutions Architect Expert, I am looking for my next challenges.  I was a developer early in my career and it seems that getting more involved in this space is going to serve me well.  I intend to do the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, but it has a prerequisite of either the Azure Developer Associate or the Azure Administrator Associate.  I could go the easy route and complete the admin certification as it has tremendous overlap with what I just completed.  However, I have never taken any developer exam in my ~50 exam certification transcript.

Anyone know of good resources.  I used the shotgun approach before, mostly because I wasn’t happy with any of the materials.

I am also looking to beef up my .NET and C# skills.  I did a VB.NET course at the end of college and I have been doing rather serious PowerShell work (usually .NET libraries, building large modules, testing with Pester, and doing DevOps pipelines to publish to the gallery).  I am wondering if I should go through some good material that is broadly covering C#.
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    UPDATE: So, I haven't gotten very serious here, but I have started dabbling with the "Exam Ref AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure" book from Microsoft Press.  So far, I am disappointed in the material because it seems also have significant overlap with Az-103 and 300.  This may be fine because that probably aligns with the certification, but it just doesn't seem to prove that someone can actually develop any code... like they can get all of the infrastructure pieces together for your coding project and then that is all.  Anyhow, I am going to continue, but we'll see.

    Here is what I have access to:
    * LinkedIn Learning
    * O'Reilly Learning
    * Udemy
    * A Cloud Guru

    So far, nothing seems all that good.  My hope is that maybe if I start looking at Az-400 that it have enough overlap with with Az-203, along with the overlap from Az-103/300 that it would be enough for this exam.
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