Passed the CRISC examination

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On October 28th, I passed the CRISC exam. Of course, it is a probationary pass and I should receive the final verdict next week.


My prior experience with cert exams were taking, and passing, exams for the CSSLP and CIPT. Not counting an ill-fated attempt at a Visual Basic cert about 20 years ago.

How I studied:

I read the 6th edition of the CRISC review manual and made notes, reviewed the NIST RMF docs, reviewed several ISACA docs, went to informal training sessions, and took numerous QAE exams. I took my time studying because I know several people who failed it.

The QAE is vital to get the mindset and logic of ISACA. The review manual is a general overview.

The exam:

This may be controversial, but I found the CSSLP exam to be far harder than this one. It may be because it was the first exam I took. But, I do not think so. The CIPT test was on par with this in difficulty. This exam did not have questions that were totally out of left field like the other two.

I was an IT manager for 8 years, and I really think the managerial experience helped me.

Hope this helps.


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