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So to start off, I initially enrolled in WGU, they did not accept any of my previous credits.

However I am certified in ITIL Foundation v4, Security+. Now I have seen a lot about WGU, but I am curious how long it will take me to complete. Am I looking at 2 or more years with my level of certs and no transfer credits?


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    Hard to say when you don't say what degree, how many hours you work and what other demands you have on your time. Family, sports, etc.
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    Hi, I was looking at either the Software Development program or Cyber Security.
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    It really depends on the experience you have and how many classes you have. I transferred in an AA degree and a A+ cert and my degree program took me 2 years to complete.
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    YMMV. This depends on you. You can go though as more classes than other colleges. I have heard that communication with your professors/mentors may take some time, so don't expect someone to be available at your fingertips. You may want to look at other threads for those who have come before you and how they progressed.
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    I am thinking of starting WGU maybe in Feb 2020...this post was quite detailed about the process of getting through WGU rather quickly, then again, I think it really depends how much time you have on your hands and how you study/read.  Seems you could self study and take a lot of the certs beforehand and just transfer them over without paying approx. $3500 every 6mos to WGU, & just budget that money for the certs themselves.
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    That depends on how many certifications you want. You may end up spending more than that on CISSP, Cisco, and Microsoft certifications. WGU gives you material and cheap/free vouchers bur the donation to WGU every 6 months is cheaper than most colleges but still expensive.
    If you know the material, then this is a cake walk. If not, you may find it a harder goal to achieve.
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