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How many times have you had issues with this "wannabe" professional test center?   IMO, this whole company sucks, and if I had the capital I would push them out of business.  It seems they have done that with Prometric, but I am not sure how, perhaps they have the capital, idk.  

I have had issues of 3 different Pearson Vue test centers in the past year that it's difficult to take certifications with them.  Thankfully and hopefully proctored exams at home will become more available.  

When I tested with Prometric in the past, it was a much better experience for ME.  However, it doesn't seem they are doing IT certs anymore from what I can tell, only healthcare certs.

Just a little morning rant, if you want to express your opinion mannnnnn (or woman)...feel free to post 
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    I think it depends on the place you go to. My Net+, CCENT were at the same location, they were professional and cordial, they had a locked box to where you put your stuff in. The facility was nice, had multiple rooms and no distractions.

    My LPI Linux exam was at a different location in a different town, the facility was basically a hole in the wall in some run down business lot. It was run by this guy who tried to rush everything from taking my picture, to getting all my stuff in a locker set up that looked like it was taken from a high school gym. He only had 2 test rooms and they were cramped and for some bizarre reason had fake plants really close to the computers and they were distracting. Like right on the desk. And he had headphones for the computers that looked like they were bought for $3 at a garage sale. Plus the guy was really rude too, looking away from me and talking behind a large computer despite my repeated informing him that I’m deaf and I need him to face me so I can lip-read. I have the location saved so that I can remember to not ever book an exam there again. 

    Some Pearson locations are decent and some are not so much, I think it’s just a matter of who is running the center. 
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    My first time at a Pearson test center was at a old run-down elementary school that had been repurposed into an adult learning center. Oddly enough the proctor didn't ask me to empty my pockets or even bother to come into the room with me as I tested. Needless to say the place is no longer a test center.   
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    I have never had issues with Pearson Vue. In the past four years I have done at least seven exams at their Amsterdam based test centers and everything was fine. I have used their test centers back in Southern California for seven exams between 2013 - 2015 and no issues there either. 

    Where are you guys located?
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    I guess I've been lucky then. I have used their centres in Zimbabwe and Rwanda and experience was good in both. The centre in Zimbabwe was better equipped (big room, proper partitioning between workstations and aircon) and, apart from lack of aircon and slightly cramped room, I don't have any complaints with the service in Rwanda.
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    I've had good luck as well.  I've tested in Virginia (several locations), Alabama, Texas (several locations), and Qatar, and I've never had any problems.  

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    I don’t really have issues with any particular test center, but I did have one lose power while I was taking an exam.  I was able to reschedule for free.

    The PearsonVue facial recognition policy for online testing raised my eyebrows.  I don’t pay hundreds of dollars to take an exam just to help them build an AI product.  If they want to use me to improve their AI, then they should be providing compensation.  No, taking exams at home with online proctoring isn’t compensation considering the COVID-19 situation.  

    In my opinion, it’s really crappy that they tied taking exams remotely to agreeing to this policy.  It’s extra sh*tty that they make it seem like you can opt out of it by scheduling through their call center when in reality you can’t.
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    thomas_ said:
    The PearsonVue facial recognition policy for online testing raised my eyebrows.

    I hope you still passed the facial scan in spite of that...
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    saskiller2saskiller2 Member Posts: 7 ■■□□□□□□□□
    It's been forever since i've had to take an exam like that. I was going to go to one for the CEH since I didn't trust the proctor program, but since I have to take the practical, it didn't make a lot of sense to not do both virtually.

    That said i've never had any major issues at a testing center. PV or Prometric.
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