Finally doing it... My CISSP is booked 4 weeks.. Very nervous

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I have been studying on and off for a year and feel quite stale. I have used the Sybex guide, Kelly Handerhan videos and am now going through various practice test and the eric conrad book to put everything together. I do have 4 weeks so I think I will be going through various chapters of the sybex book and read through the conrad 11th hour book as well as the kelly videos as well.

I am nervous as I haven't read through the Sybex book since July and I am essentially refreshing back up. My boson test Exam A was a 72% and my Wiley test was a 62% (yuck)

Should I be worried?


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    If you feel stale and nervous because you have not refreshed then you are probably not ready. I am a very nervous test taker myself but I do feel that I've read as much as I can / need to and its time to just do it.
    Truth be told I know basically nothing about CISSP so I can't really give experiential advice. Will you have the opportunity to hit the books hard for the next 4 weeks? Is there a deadline to take the test?
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    I think there is version 8 of the Sybex book. There may not be too many new things but it is better to be prepared and know the domains well enough to pass the exam.
    If you are unfamiliar with the subjects you may want to google them and get a better understanding.

    Good luck!
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    I remember watching IT Dojo vids on youtube and starting to know the answers to questions before seeing the options. That and more Boson.
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    @newjack How did you do on the exam?
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    bigdogz said:
    @newjack How did you do on the exam?

    @[email protected] Failed, I don't recommenced 4 weeks study. I am going to begin studying again after the holidays.
  • newjacknewjack Member Posts: 106 ■■■□□□□□□□
    bigdogz said:
    @newjack How did you do on the exam?

    @bigdogzFailed, I don't recommenced 4 weeks study. I am going to begin studying again after the holidays.
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    Sorry to hear.
    4 weeks for the CISSP is difficult unless you are very familiar with the domains.
    Make sure that you get the errata from the Sybex book. You may want to use the AIO by Shon Harris.
    What was your score and how did you fair on the domains?

    Just make sure that you grasp the concepts. If you don't know the answers, look them up and find out why you were wrong. Most of the people I know have studied 3 hrs a day and 8 or more on the weekends.

    Good Luck!

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