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If someone admitted in the past to using braindumps to pass a Cisco cert but is now genuinely using real testing materials to study to get re certified, would that person be lambasted, ridiculed and not believed?  Thank you 


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    Why would anyone believe them is the better question
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    I have more important things to focus on then how I think other coworkers might perceive me.
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    For the record...not advocating cheating or the use of braindumps in any way or capacity. Just entertaining the thought, why would they even admit it in the first place? Also, since they appear to be trying to do the right thing, they should've just kept their mouth shut the whole time and learn from the experience and move on. 
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    These people are found out to be frauds.
    He/She can't expect anything good because they knew they cheated and trying to make amends.
    You cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube.
    How many other people were effected because he/she received the job or promotion and not the others who worked harder to achieve the same goal?
    How does that person intend to make it up for others that they effected around them? This isn't murder but it is common sense and known to **** knowing what could happen if caught. If not, where is the line drawn? Now you are on a slippery slope and the certification is watered down because of it. I can just see it like a bunch of LAN / Network Administrators in a studio room with Oprah... 'You get a CCNA! You get a CCNA! Everyone here gets a CCNAAAAA!!!'
    In my opinion the person should be stripped of certification and banned from any certifications from Cisco. If it was OK for that person to **** knowing the repercussions and say sorry after the fact. It should be OK for them to be banned from having any Cisco certifications. Saying 'My bad' after the fact does not make the circumstance any better.

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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,026 Admin
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    My first question is usually, "Did you know that you were using materials purportedly created to help people **** at the exam?" Believe it or not, a lot of people stumble across **** material and think it's a legit study guide. You can't really blame people new to the cert game for not recognizing a ****. Forums like TE are here to help educate people about that sort of thing.
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