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Hello Techies!

I would like to seek some advice for those who have previously passed their Security+ or are currently studying to pass the Security+.

I'm interested to take my initial step into I.T. Security, just a little bit of background on me.

I initially started my career as a ServiceDesk Analyst, moved onto 2nd line support, done Access Management and got exposure to Privileged Access Management working with applications like CyberArk & SIEM for auditing data, I recently passed the entry-level certification for CyberArk. I have also done Windows10 Deployment/Migration Projects. 

I'm getting to the stage in my career where I don't want to continue in the support models. I want to focus and progress into Security, I have been reading mix reviews where some advise Secuirty+ is not the best place to start.

I wanted advice and thoughts on if this is a good place to start with my career background, how I should approach it and what sort of training material should I use?

I have currently started to watch Video Material purchased from Udemy - Mike Meyers Secuirty+.

Does anyone have any links for practice Exam Questions so I can attempt that and also establish my weak areas for me to work on?

Finally, any advice that can be given I would really appreciate it.

Looking forward to hearing from you :smile:


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    If you go into Security, you are still in a support model unless you go into Policies, are a red team member, go strictly into Engineering but you still have to put in the time to get there.
    You may not see AS much support ( YMMV ) in those fields but you will still have to work with people.
    Policies: You may have to support how policies are implemented.
    Red team: You may have to work to get environment hardened. I would say not in most cases.
    Engineering: There is a great deal of 'How did you do that' with other IT people from Tier 1 to management.

    Good luck
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