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Recently I was told by a Cisco sales rep that Prometric and Vue reported that they had an 80-82% failure rate nation wide. About 2 months ago I took the composite test and failed with a 600. I had 56 questions, about 30 of which were of the simlet type. I'm estimating it takes an average of 3 minutes to answer this type of question. If you have 30 of them that pretty much takes all of your time since you only have 90 minutes. Did I draw a bad test or has anybody had a similar circumstance ? If Cisco has an issue with the random test choosing are they planning on fixing it ? Any help or answers would be appreciated.


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    I met the similar situation when i took it last month. My exprience is, you have to be really quick on those simple questions. Almost like after reading the question you shall make the choice in less than 15 seconds. Then for those simulations, some need less than 1 min., some need maybe 15 min. I wasted a lot of time on a senario question, and I didn't finish all questions when the time dued.

    Though I was lucky to pass it at the first try, I gained the lesson on Java certification exam in 2001. There is a huge difference between you know how make it and you know how to make it QUICKLY.
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    Does anyone know whether Cisco is looking into this ridiculous 1st time failure rate or whether it's all about the money for them ? It seems that an entry level certification shouldn't be this hard, especially when Cisco has most of the networking market anyway.
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    Better to read and apply all what you have learned to pass this exam.
    For me I read 6 times my sybex and watch CBT nuggets it really helps me visualize and also if you forgot something you can easily open the video . If you can spend money for a router why not for a video.
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