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Good day members,

Has anyone enrolled with the University of Derby online programs towards the MSc in Cybersecurity? (I'd post a link if I could)

The three different exit paths appeal to me (PG Certificate/Diploma/Masters), and the costs seem very reasonable compared to some of the other programs I've seen.



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    Sorry I have not but looks interesting. Are you going to enroll?
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    I'm keen. The tuition fees are very good, and the program itself seems to be comparable to others in the same league.
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    Would you be doing it online from the US or already in the UK ? 
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    I'll be accessing it out of South Africa, actually, so much of a muchness, especially when converting to my local currency. Local universities here don't really compare all that well, especially in the field of graduate Cybersecurity education.
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    Let me know if you enroll, would be interested to chat more.
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    Quick update for those interested, I received my invitation to apply for studies in this qualification from next year, so looks like I'll be going back to school (albeit part time all online) :)

    The application to apply was really quick, with everything happening online and sorted out within a week.

    The communication (at least up to now) from the university has been amazing, and if this is anything to go by, I'm looking forward to the future engagements with them.

    In any case, I'll update as my application and studies progress.

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    So my studies officially kicked off on Monday (27 Jan 2020), and over the course of the last few days there has been a heck of a lot of communication from the school, as well as some introductory activities to get to know some of the other students. It's quite interesting that most of the other students are also more mature (age wise), which makes it quite relatable. I think I'm the only one there who've changed lanes from a business/IT background to cyber security, and I think I'll be learning a lot from the others over the coming weeks.

    The first module we're covering this trimester is a general Master's module on research methodologies and general guidelines of studying at Master's level. The conclusion of this being a research proposal that I'll be covering in the final year in the form of a research project or dissertation.

    The second module I'll be kicking off later this year is more relatable to Information Security and covers Advanced Security Protocols. I've started going through the reading lists and collecting the reading material to get a head start. These are the only two modules I have for the rest of this academic year, with the new one kicking off in September(ish).

    Having done a fair amount of research before, I consider this trimester to a very soft landing back into academic studies after 10 year hiatus from formal studies.
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