SANS GIAC Exams towards SANS TI Academics

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I've been looking around, considering enrolling for an MSc in CS next year. Living where I do, I need to consider 100% online studies, and at the moment looking closely at University of Derby.

But I digress...

I have two questions on the GIAC/SANS exams as they relate to possible transfers to the TI qualifications:

1. Do you HAVE to complete the formal training (VOD/Self-study/in-person) before registering for the exam, i.e. does attending the official training affect eligibility?


2. Do passed exams for the various GIAC exams automatically count towards CHs for the graduate certificate/degree program with SANS TI?

Also, is it worth while? At $2000/exam it seems steep?


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    When you are enrolled in the STI program you pay a discounted rate for the courses/exam.  The rate was $1250 per credit but I think it recently went up (for new students).  A course with a cert like SEC401/GSEC is 3 credits, $3750.  There are a few one credit courses like NetWars and Security Awareness.  You have to pay for the course to get the credit.  You can bring a total of 9 credits into the STI masters degree program with you.  So if you passed 3 GIAC exams you can transfer those credits into the program.  if you are going for a masters certificate I think they allow you to bring 3 credits in.
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