What Cert will help me finally break into cyber security?

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Hello everyone! 
I am having a bit of a pickle here and I would love to hear some peoples advice on this topic. 
To make things quick I have been in IT for close to 6 years with 3 of those years being in networking (network analyst) 
I have been wanting to get into cyber security (at this point I don't care what it is red team, blue team, auditing etc.)
but I just can't seem to get an interview let alone a call back. I've had my ccna in security and ccnp in R&S but in the past year and a half I received my security+, cysa+ and CEH. I felt like getting my CEH would show companies that I mean business and hopefully bring something to the table that other candidates might not have, but it didn't really get me anywhere in my journey. So my question is what other cert could I get or what can I do to finally break into cyber security? I've been thinking GCIH cause the cissp will require ALOT more time to prep and I don't want to take the test without some cyber experience (as you need at least 5 years and I would hate to take it, pass it and still not have a security position). Thanks for the feedback! 


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    The only security certs I had when I got my for job in cybersecurity is security+, CEH, and CHFI.   I don't think it's lack of certifications hurting you.  How is your resume?  If you're not even getting calls back, I would start there.  I'm by no means an expert at writing resumes, but I know a lot of people on this site gives some great feedback.  It wouldn't hurt to post you resume to see if there is room for improvement.   

    Also, even though you don't have a security type role, I'm sure there are functions of your job that does tie into cybersecurity.  Make sure to highlight and elaborate on those tasks.   For example, my last job before getting into cybersecurity I did application integration (app packaging, app deployment, app configuration, vulnerability remediation and some other things).  I made sure to highlight a lot of the areas that I was involved with when it came to vulnerability remediation.   I also highlighted any apps I was involved with that was related to security (mcafee, proofpoint, qualys, and so on). 
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    nathandrake (if that IS your real name) THANK YOU! your probably right about my resume. I was racking my brain as far as what else could I do but the resume part I didn't really think about. I am horrible about writing about myself (just look at my tinder profile) so I might need to hire a second set of eyes but man again thank you. 
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    I agree with nathandrake, you aren't lacking certifications for an entry level security role.

    Post up a sanitized copy of your resume and let the community assist you.
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    I don't think piling on any more certs will help. It's something else causing you not to get interviews.
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    I believe your cucumber is the lack of experience...Most cybersecurity roles want minimum of 10yrs of IT...I had over 15yrs to land my 1st cyber job.  But keep at it, you will get picked up by someone.
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    shochan said:
    I believe your cucumber is the lack of experience...Most cybersecurity roles want minimum of 10yrs of IT...I had over 15yrs to land my 1st cyber job.  But keep at it, you will get picked up by someone.
    While I agree that the OP doesn't need more certs and this is likely a skills and resume framing issue. There is no way that "most" roles want a min of 10 years in IT. It's great that you had 15, I did too, but to say it's even close to required or even requested is far from accurate. 
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    Definitely be sure you read the job descriptions you're applying to, and try to match your resume to those jobs. Sometimes, it's helpful to adjust or highlight a few things that meet it.

    How is your education? Graduated from High School? College degree? It's possible a lack of something there is disqualifying you during the HR screen.

    Google yourself. What comes up? Something that discourages people from looking further at you? Think about your common social media locations, like Facebook and Twitter. Do you have a LinkedIn presence and is it also updated?

    As you go through your resume, make sure it sounds like someone you'd like to hire to do security "stuff." Be sure to put that security stuff under each of your roles to illustrate that you have the infosec mentality. There also should be plenty places online where you can look at what other people get resume advice about. Either threads on here, or even probably a subreddit about tech resumes. Flat out just copy the layout of one that gets high marks.

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    It could be that you are applying to job openings that are too senior for your experience. I've seen many potentially good candidates that were passed-over because their work experience was insufficient for the level of the position they applied for. Had they applied for a lower-level (i.e., lesser paying) position they may have received a 1st-round interview.
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    Go for SEC+ and apply to DoD positions.  You should be able to break in there.
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