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Can anybody point me in the right direction on the best content to use to quickly pass the AWS Practitioner Exam?  I was thinking the CYBRARY stuff.  I am talking minimal tome commitment to study here and then next year I plan to focus on the challenging stuff.  


  • OmniManOmniMan Member Posts: 78 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Please hook me up with some resources my friends.  
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    You need to know how to perform tasks. This may not be quick unless you consistently work with AWS. You will need some practice.

    Try cybrary and udemy.
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    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials is a free 6hr course
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    I'm on this journey now. I plan Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect and finally Security. Incorporating ISC2 CCSP into that as well.

    I'm signed up to LinkedIn Learning. Linux Academy is also apparently a good one although I haven't as yet used it myself as I've paid for the LinkedIn annual subs.
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    I'm going to be following this thread!

    Thank you for the link btw @chrisone !! :)
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    I agree the AWS Training Cloud Practitioner Course is a great intro.

    Also, Stanly Community College has a course as well with discount vouchers and a lab. I took it three weeks go. I spent about a week. And passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam the following week. Not much investment. You’ll be sufficiently prepared with the AWS training and SCC course, especially with the AWS sand box access. 

    There are obviously other options like Linux Academy (which has a free trial period). Or Cloud Guru.
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    You could also give the FreeCodeCamp Youtube tutorial a go. If you are on twitter you can also follow the #100DaysOfCloud challenge, plenty of helpful hints and links by participants
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    Thank you bigdogz
    I have followed your recommendation of "Try cybrary and udemy".
    During my exam, I was not feeling that great with many of the questions, but I was pleased with the outcome on the computer display that stated "PASS".  Whew! :smile:
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    Neal Davis has a course on udemy with prac tests. You need to know the core services and why and when you would use them. You can find all those on AWS website.
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