Explain a typical day as a programmer

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Right now I work in cyber security and I don't like it.  I've dabbled writing a few scripts to automate software installs on and off through out the years quite enjoyed it.  I had a goal, knew what I needed to do and got it done.  

I'm not sure if this counts as programming but I wonder if its the path that might cure my boredom?  If I can do my job without constant boring meetings I'd be a happy person.  


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    Most of the time, IT / Dev involve meeting at least once in a while.  Many Dev shop do stand-up/scrum daily, but it is usually not long. (at least, it shouldnt)
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    Meetings are part of professional high-tech work. A software developer in a small-to-mid-sized company may be in requirements meetings, functional specification meetings, design meetings, code review meetings, daily stand-up meetings, software quality assurance meetings, and troubleshooting meetings to fix issues involving application deployment, configurations, and customer experience. Oh yeah--you might be doing customer support for your software too. So where are you supposed to find the time to actually write code? :)
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    Once in a while meetings I don't mind.  However meetings about the meeting we had two days ago, to discuss the meeting next week.  I'm good. 

    Seems there's no escaping customer support. Sigh.
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    Just understand, sometimes programming may be boring. In many organizations there is repetition. 
    At the end of the day make sure you enjoy what you are doing. 
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