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I am currently starting to study for the CWNA exam. I have yet to achieve any other certification thus far...I have noticed that there are two different study guides out there...the one created in 2002 and the recent, 2005. Would anyone know if there are very precise differences between the two guides? I only have the 2002, which doesn't go into detail about I am at a loss here! icon_sad.gif
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    So far, I've had 13 views and no replies...I just need to know should I just go ahead and purchase the 3rd edition as well!! icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Get the 3rd edition. The exam has been updated and the 3rd edition covers the updated materials which the 2nd edition doesn't cover.

    You just posted this, so do not cry out for people to reply to your post, you will be ignored when you do that. Most of these views are probably by unregistered users.
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    Understandable icon_redface.gif

    I needed a quick response since I need to talk to the "boss" about getting the money for the 3rd edition icon_cool.gif

    Thank you so much for your reply!!!

    I feel like a moron since I waited to get these certs out of the way...but anyways...thanks again!
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    It's a forum, not a chat room ;) Regardless, welcome to the forums.

    And yes, it's wise to get the current edition of the CWNA guide. Especially considering the cost of the exam it's worth the investement. If your employer also pays for the exam, I'm sure he will agree it's better pass it the first time.
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    Yes, the 3rd edition of the CWNA Study Guide is necessary for the current CWNA exam. Also, I highly recommend that you first pass a computer networking cert exam, such as the CompTIA Network+. IEEE 802.11 wireless networking is simply an extension of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet networks. You therefore need to know the basics of packet-switched networking before tackling the CWNA.

    And sorry not to reply sooner, but I was at a Father's Day gathering with my family.
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    what jd? you're not on here 24/7/365... icon_wink.gif

    I'll never feel safe again while studying for the CWNP exams!

    You've been a great moderator!!!

    Thanks for your quick and intelligent responses to the posts in this forum.

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    Actually, we're one email feature and a Blackberry away form me having a 10-minute response time 24/7/365 to TechExams postings. icon_eek.gif

    And thanks for the recognition. :D
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    A bud of mine let me borrow his 3rd edition...there's a LOT that has changed, MY GOD! :) Now, regarding the reviews..I'm assuming it's now geared towards actually LEARNING it rather than remembering the questions...Very cool icon_lol.gif

    As far as the vocab and whatnot, should I study the questions mostly or should I just read the whole dern thing? I know reading it can give a person a headache if they haven't worked with this stuff... icon_lol.gif But I understand if noone will answer that question :P
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    You need to not only read the entire book, but also understand all of the material it presents. This is most successfully accomplished by having several years of hands-on experience installing and configuring 802.11 wireless networks. The questions in the book are just an extra self-test to help you determine what material in each chapter that you may not have fully understood. They are not representative of the actual questions in the CWNA exam.

    I really recommend studying for and passing the CompTIA Network+ certification first.
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