cipp E Exam tips for preparation and exam part 2.

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Se my first thread on preparation for the cipp/e exam : continues here: 

And the last tip I used:
The questions where I was sure of the answers I marked adn finished, and didnt go back to and went to the next .
When i wasnt sure : You can flag all the questions where you arent sure  and return to them later. 
I made it in that way that I read the question and the possible answers: Then on the screen I marked the answer I found most right , but wrote on my paper the question number and the typically 2 answers I wasnt sure of and with the flagging I could return to it later.  It was a not so pleasant surprise to find out that out of the 90 questions around 25 were case pages  typically a one pager you had to read and then find the right answer out of 4 . Positive in this context were that even if there were 25 case pages  as I remember , they covered totally  8 cases so that there to one case were 3 times 4 question alternatives .
I flagged all case pages without reading them, to focus on the other questions ,so that I didnt spend to much time in the initial phase wondering and spending on about the cases who all are more complex. 
In that manner with flagging as described I were through all 90 questions answered or marked/ flagged  or case flagged on 50 minuttes. 
I then returned to all the flagged cases and after a tip here started with reading the questions before the case  to get an impression of what to focus on in the case, as it contains many irrelevant text bits. Then I answered   and I think for 3 of the more complex cases still kept them flagged. 
Then I digged into all the flagged answers and here it was a big help only in answering to focus on the typically 2 answers of 4 I had marked on my paper,  and focusing on which one was the right one.  And I had to use every minute of the last 100 minutes because the flagged ones were the tricky ones. 
That was my strategy , and I hadnt succeeded without that.  

 As I mentioned the questions are much more tricky than the ones you find in the sample questions and in quizlet and I was surprised by the fact that more than 25 % of the questions were case related.  So try to prepare yourself for that. Not easy as I havent found much relevant CIPP/e case material. 
Another surprise was that one of the cases were about SA, lead SA etc, cooperation (supervision and enforcement) etc that means GDPR chapter 6 and 7 questions  and with tricky questions from the case.  Totally in these area 5-6 pages with 4 questions. part of section 2. 
Otherwise the division of the  questions in section 1 (introduction to european data protection ) 2  european data law and regulation) and 3 (compliance with european law) was almost  like in the exam blue print.
There was a tricky case on territorial scope  in section 2 , so  look into that. 
In section 3 there was a complex case on direct marketing, cookies etc.  

So as others have mentioned, in the forum  if you are short of time focus on section 2.. in your preparation.  

On the positive side were that there were no questions like " text " :  "which article does it refer to " ? .That was the case in one of the quizlets and gave me some headache in the final preparation as i werent prepared for that. 

I just passed teh eaxm, with 309 points divided into section 1: 100 %, section 2: 67 %, section 3:  70 %. 

Now I am going to prepare for the CIPM , and it will be a help here that I have taken the cipp/E exam first , as to the law and accountibility section of this covered in Cipp/E.

Good luck to you. 

Privacy is and will be of great importance to have the right balance in our democracies.

Feel free to put questions. When I have time I will try to answer.. 


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    Wow, that's a great piece, jonanders!
    I got my CIPP/E last year and are now looking for training material for CIPM, which is hard to find (not unlike the material for CIPP/E). It surprised me that you passed the exam with 67% in the second domain and 70% in the third, because I thought you would need a 73% score in each domain (although the IAPP is a bit more lenient with the first domain). I guess the scoring remains a bit of a mistery. 
    For my CIPP/E exam I had to do a retake, and I can tell you that there are different versions. I clearly didn't prepare enough the first time, also due to the lack of training material (and the easy sample questions you can buy from IAPP(!). This gave me the idea to put together my own exam, so I could practice more. In the end I came up with well over 90 multiple choice questions, including 20 questions about 5 cases I made up. Because I thought there would be a demand for these kind of tests and the IAPP is not letting you have any of the old exams, I made it available on CIPPexams. Based on my experience with the official exam, I created an online environment that is the same as the certication test (with a counting down clock, scoring in three domains, the possibility to make notes or flag questions, etc.). All questions and cases are based on the textbook and the GDPR articles and are maybe even harder than the real thing. You can take the test at cippexams.com. It's not free, but certainly a lot cheaper than a retake. 

    As I said, I'm now looking to get certified for CIPM and looking for tips and tricks and (digital) books. If anyone has some information or links, it would be much appreciated. I plan to also make this CIPM into a test-exam, because for me that's a good way to study (although it takes a lot longer than the 30 hours of self-study the IAPP prescribes).

    Good luck to all preparing for the CIPP/E! 
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