Passed AWS Solutions Architect Associate

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I don't have the score yet since I just passed, so I will update later.

My study plan was as follows:
- Took Certified Cloud Practitioner back in July. This helped me get comfortable with the different services at a high level
- A Cloud Guru - I have a subscription so I went through their Solutions Architect Course. The course is fine, but does leave some gaps. 
- Stephane Maarek's 'Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2020' on Udemy - This course filled every single gap that ACG left. In my particular case it helped me fill some gaps in databases which ACG kinda left hanging. Stephane pairs the course with a lengthy, extremely detailed PPT file that is a great resource to review key points
- Jon Bonso's "AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams" - these practice tests are AMAZING. The level is way above what you need for the test, but it will let you really understand your weak spots. In my initial pass I scored betwwen 69-74% in each test. After spending a good amount of time going through every single item I got wrong and understanding the rationale, I placed between 89-95% in each test. I only did 2 passes because if you keep taking them, at some point you will just memorize the answers
- Whizlabs practice tests - mixed bag. Some OK questions, some seemed to be copies of Bonso (not sure who created them first), and 2 complete tests (out of 7) were horrendous s they made no sense grammatically and seemed to be written by someone who did not understanding English well. I would say skip this one
- Tutorial Dojo cheet sheets - Excellent resource to review key points on things you may be struggling with
- reInvent videos - watched a few random videos on things I really wanted to understand deeper
- SEC545 - I also took SEC 545 but it doesn't really translate in a direct way to this certification

The exam allows you 130 min. I used a few min under 1 hour, including one round to review approx 15 items I flagged. I got a whole bunch of easy questions at the beginning, so that helped gain confidence. Harder questions came in 3/4 into the test. Some of the topics hit hard include database use cases, load balancers, high availability, VPCs.

From here I move on to the Security specialty which will be the end of my AWS certs for a while.


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    Nice post. I will be hitting AWS in 2020
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    Congrats on the pass! You going further into the AWS tract? 
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    Doing the security specialist, and that's it. 
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    Congratulations on the pass!!
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    Cool, well done. Keep us updated on security exam
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    Nice, I have done the AWS Security Engineering course for the specialty exam - but have now decided not to go for the exam as I haven't got it in me to keep on doing every 3 years to keep the cert (though appreciate why its necessary). Its a great course and one that will def help for the security exam. I learnt a lot from this
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    I also passed this cert on 12/27. Rather than make a new thread, I just thought I'd say I used roughly the same materials as posted here! Definitely a +1 to Bonso's Udemy practice exams.

    My main course that I used was one by Adrian Cantrill on Linux Academy, mostly since I already had a subscription active anyway.

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    Congrats on the pass. Well done!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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