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Edusum...can't see much info on them apart from some youtube videos...need someone to point me on the right direction it the right source for exam practices? 


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    My crystal ball's license expired on December 25th. LOL
    What exam are you looking into?
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    But rather confused on where to study for practice questions..I have the book by Mike Meyers, been taking down my notes, live labs, looked into Professor Messer videos, no problems understanding the course itself etc, but less questions in the book.

    I've read in articles saying stay away from websites that contain 'practice questions'..'guaranteed pass'. What's legit and what isn't is my question...

    Where do I find practice questions legally to use for my revision before I sit prior to an exam..

    What do I do? 

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    The 'guaranteed pass' will only pay back the money you spent on the questions AND NOT the exam itself. That is is best part of those questions... just avoid them completely.

    The best questions that I have used in the past were from Boson. Others have used MeasureUp.

    The key with the questions during the exam is they really try to make it harder for you to answer the questions. Read them carefully and look for words like MOST, LEAST, NOT.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you..will research on those
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