Transiting from Red Teaming to Blue Teaming

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Hi there,

I have just about to embarked on this course on Network Defense. 

I came from a red teaming/penetration testing background. What attracts me about this course is: "Additionally, penetration testers will also learn more about how different networks are defended and gain a better understanding of how to penetrate them."

To be honest after these years, I don't have much working knowledge about Perimeter applicance such as Web Filter, IPS/IDS such as LanDesk/McAfee, Firewall applicances such Barracuda, Cisco, Palo Alto, Advanced Malware Protection such as Fireeye. Understanding of Network Topology such as DMZ, Zones etc, System Security.

i have knowledge on VAPT, types of misconfigurations, attacks pivoting etc.

My experience: 5 years in VAPT

Certificate : OSCP, CISSP

What are the kind of job roles available for people transiting from Red Team to Blue Team?


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    Hey Hi :smile: 

    The job role your looking for, is working as a SOC (Security Operations Center) Analyst.

    You have certifications and knowledge and You referenced 5 years in VAPT and Red Team? Did you work for a company doing that?

    One suggestion is to take CompTIA Network+ that will give you the core foundation in regards to network topology and also other disciplines related to networking, including wireless and cloud. Also, I would suggest to take CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst+ because that certification is the majority of all Blue Team based disciplines. In regards to needed certifications for Department of Defense, that certification covers like 5 or 6 positions on the DoDD 8750/8140 matrix.. So it's a good certification to have.

    Vendor Neutral Certified in IT Project Management, Security, Servers, Workstations, Software, Networking, Windows, Unix and Linux and.. Cloud. :-)
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    That's an unusual transition in my opinion because we've always been taught the defensive aspect before moving to the offensive ones.
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