Passed Today with 703!!!

jpeezy55jpeezy55 Senior MemberMember Posts: 255
In the immortal words of Stuart Scott from ESPN: BOO YAH! :D:D:D

I only had one question regarding RAID and none that mentioned NAS or SAN. A small handful of Novell related questions. 2 or 3 that required knowing what Port something used. A good bit of Troubleshooting (network and connectivity, including remote access).

All-in-all, it was not that bad. I was also scoring between 85%-95% on the practice tests I used (Big Thanks! to TechNotes!!!).

I used ExamCram2 for my book and I also bought Mike Myers Passport, but it was not too good IMO. I used as many practice tests that I could find, both free and that ones that came with each book.

Now, back to Microsoft and 70-291 to complete the MCSA!!! :P
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