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Hello Community,

I would like to draw on your collective advice and knowledge of what in your opinion is the best option for study towards,  ISC2 SSCP or CompTIA CYSA+ ?


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    I think when looking at certifications it's always best to look at what is most marketable.  Oddly enough when I tried to type Cysa+ into indeed it kept auto-correcting to CISA and it seemingly doesn't return anything for Cysa+ --- which should be enough.  To be honest though from what I hear of the SSCP is that's is somewhat similar to Security+.  You don't post whether or not you have Security+ yet but if not I'd start there.  Security+ (although it is CompTIA) has recognition and is a great starting point.  Most people skip the SSCP and go for CISSP and the Cysa+ isn't a bad cert but it's just too new and seemingly not too popular as it's not even showing any jobs on Indeed in my area. 

    But beyond just (ROI) for your time and money - ask yourself what interests you.  Do you want to work in Security?  Are you doing this for a promotion?  Or do you just want to branch off into a different field?
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    @PTX558521  What are your future goals and what are you doing currently?

    Just by doing a Google/Dice/Monster/[insert job board here] search for jobs in your area and see what is available may help you.
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    Thanks folks for coming back to me. I'm 2nd year employee working for T1 Network provider working within there Global SOC. I've already completed the SAN 401 Boot camp late last year. I'm just enrolled to complete the SSCP with ISC2.

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    CySA+ is more hands-on than SSCP. SSCP is a good start if you are planning a career in IS. Security+ is more recognizable than SSCP, but it is more general and hence more suitable for any IT professional rather than specifically for IS person. 
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    In my opinion all those 3 certifications are "basic" entry level certification for info sec and are "mostly" equivalent:  Security+, SSCP , GSEC  (in order of difficulty/recognition).

    CYSA+ is a nice certification to work in a SOC and it  could be a good second certification after one of the preceding.   
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    Thanks All - Excellent and supportive answers .... 
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    Myself I did CySA+ as a BETA and passed it. If you are on the Gov side or going to work on the Gov side or want to work on the Gov side then CySA+ has a lot of value. It is a DoD approved cert and recognized in 5 areas one of which is incident responder. Also it of course is a IATII cert which is curious as Sec+ CE is also. Check it out
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