Question Specific to NAT and Static Routing, Zoning on Internal, External and DMZ server

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Hi there,
I need some help regarding these topics, I am studying a subject pertain to Firewall Rules I could understand well.
But reading some notes has things like firewall rules, zoning, static routing, NAT and I am getting confused.

1) Question regarding segment.
  • Internal segment  ( - are these typically used Workstations, Domain Controller and App Server?
  • External Segment ( - Used for Public IP address 
  • DMZ Segment ( - Is these used to normally contain email server, ftp server - what is DMZ segment commonly used for?
2) Can I used static routing to define workstation and domain controller within the internal segment.
Say, the workstation segment is ( and the DC is (, can I add a static route to the Internal segment?
So that it will be visible to the external segment?

3) If the FTP program in the DMZ segment is, do I need to define so so that when calling from the Internet the IP address will be translated to through a routing table or something.

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