CBT Nuggets for CISSP worth it?

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If I can get my employer to cover the cost, is CBT Nuggets worth it, or is there better paid resources our there.  I'm not really into boot camps but looking at something I can get some form of structure to study as a compliment to the isc2 study guide.


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    There are other online resources that you can tap into that require funds but aren't necessarily boot camps. E.g. BOSON CISSP Exam Simulator. I would ask your employer to cover the cost of that vs CBT Nuggets. I haven't personally found anyone who has used CBT Nuggets as training material. Alternatively you can lean on Cybrary's Kelly Handerhan's videos to go over the material. Combined with other CBOKs, you should have a good foundation to start your study journey. 
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    hmmm....good point and depends ....I thought CBT Nuggetts was a good intro to CISSP delivered in a lively entertaining style ....but not sufficient to pass.
    I did three months prep for CISSP (before discovering could not get an exam date for another three months!! ...so caveat have not passed CISSP)
    If I were to do again from scratch i would use CBT Nuggetts for the first half of that time and move onto other materials for the second half.
    You can pay monthly ....so two months of CBT N... to get started and make sure you understand ALL the areas the exam covers is well worth it I think.
    Hope that helps...
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    I used CBT nuggets simply because of the delivery vehicle. Cybrary is good and they once had CISSP MP3s, but their iPhone app is garbage and their site isnt very mobile friendly. I like 'on the go' content, so I can work/drive/walk/listen. I hate sitting it front of a screen to watch some dudes slide deck....painful!
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    Thank you all for the insight.  Boy is this test intimidating.  When the books 1000 pages and I've got to memorize this stuff oh boy!  Hopefully my experience will allow me to bypass some of it.  Thanks for the tips!
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    Good luck with your studies and let us know how you do on the exam once you've taken it. 

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    I had the same initial reaction as well when I saw how many pages Shon Harris' AIO was. Have you taken a look at the 11th Hour? It's roughly 200 pages.

    As for CBT Nuggets,  I did find it useful on some topics, but preferred Kelly's material in Cybrary much better overall. If you can complete the material in 7 days, CBT Nuggets offer a 7-day trial period if my memory serves me right.
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    Seriously, do not bother with CBT Nuggets. Each module covered by Keith Barker is a quick overview and its poor. He's a network guy, not a security management guy.

    Do linkedIn CISSP Cert Prep by Mike Chappel. He co authored the Sybex book and is the online video material I would recommend to all.
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