CISM Review Manual, 15th Edition

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Dear all,

I would like your comments on the content of this book as I really try hard to follow the material of this book.

It seems that I can handle to read 2-3 pages per day without even remember after that what I have read. J

In contrast, I have the “CISM AIO” which is much more straightforward than the “CISM review manual 2019”

So my question is that do you think that is enough to continue only with the CISM AIO or I should also insist also and with the review manual?

Do you have any other suggestions as a study material?

I forgot to mention that I also have the 12-month subscription of the QA Database.

I will appreciate your comments.


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    I peeked at CISM materials a few times, but opted to avoid it due to the complaints about the dryness of the reading. However, after my CISSP I did the CISM course on Cybrary and on FedVTE. I honestly feel that with only a slight bit of additional study, one could pass CISM after CISSP. Granted, I never sat for the exam so I could be talking pure ****, but of the materials I used, I didn't see much difference from CISSP materials. Maybe you could read a CISSP-ISSMP source and pass 2 for 1. 
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    Yes, you are right; it is very convenient to take this exam in a shortly period of time after you have finished from ISC2.

    Actually, I am already a holder of the CISSP but it has passed 3-4 years now.

    Therefore, I will definitely need a refresh on the topic.

    I thought would be a proper way to start with the official materials, but it seems that there is an issue over there. (and I think that I’m not the only one to mention that) :)

    Cybrary is always a convenient place to calibrate your knowledge, but you definitely need and a main source of study.

     I think I will remain with the AIO as a main source of study and for my Verification the QA online database.

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    I'd recommend studying from the AIO and after finishing read the official CISM Review Manual. I agree that it's really dry, but in my experience you really have to have at least one read of the official materials. Also the Oficial Q&A is pretty good to get into the ISACA mindset,  they ask the questions different than the ISC2.

    Keep in mind that none of the questions in the books are in the exams, just saying because I've seen people on the forums surprised of that fact.

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