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it is my understanding that if i issue the show interfaces command and recieve a "s0 is up, line protocol is down" that this is a clocking or framing issue, so to fix this problem, would the correct command for encapsulation just be "encapsulation [encapsulation type]" in interface configuration mode? Also, would this output mean it could be a keepalive issue, and would i fix that with "keepalive [keepalive time]" in interface configuration mode?


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    It might or might not be the encapsulation. Usually you just need to set the clockrate. Also check the S1 interface of the neighboring router and make sure that it is up. That usually solves the issue. If it's the encapsulation then here are examples:

    router(config-if)#encapsulation ppp
    router(config-if)#frame-relay ietf

    I doubt that it is a keepalive issue. Keepalives alives are sent every 10 seconds and after three with no response, the line protocol goes down.

    Check it out and let me know how it goes.

    El G Man
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    thanks for the info, im not actually having this problem, im just going through as many troubleshooting scenerios as i can because im sitting for the 640-607 on monday. thanks for the reply.
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