ICND2 Boson STP Detail

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Thanks to those who helped me with the last question.  I am pretty clear with STP, but maybe I'm just splitting hairs or this is about semantics.  I know that PVST supports multiple VLANS, so I would say "supports multiple VLANS with one instance of STP".  Is this technically correct?  My boson practice exam says that MST "allows a single spanning tree instance for multiple VLANs" and Rapid-PVST+ "allows a single spanning tree instance for individual VLANs".  I'm not sure about MST, but isn't this not what I would expect for Rapid-PVST+?  Also this question is one of those drag and drop match-ups and neither of these designations are supposed to be associated with regular STP or RSTP.  A bit confused here.  Please help me as I'm on my final grind scheduled to sit Jan 31.
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    I don't have an answer for you.
    What type of scores are you getting for Boson tests?
    Do you have a copy of OCG?
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    Wendell Odom, official cert guide. I have at home, meant to have a look yesterday but I got too wrapped up in OSPF
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    I have his book.  I'll take see if it sheds light!
    Thank you 
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    If you're concerned about the question for test taking, from my experience, the Boson practice exams have a little-teeny-tiny bit of MST, but I don't think it's on the CCNA exam. The OCG says something to the effect of "MST is beyond the scope of the CCNA and is found in the CCNP". MST isn't on the list of ICND2 exam topics, either.
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    That's helpful.   Thanks 
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