ICND2 Boson STP Detail

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Thanks to those who helped me with the last question.  I am pretty clear with STP, but maybe I'm just splitting hairs or this is about semantics.  I know that PVST supports multiple VLANS, so I would say "supports multiple VLANS with one instance of STP".  Is this technically correct?  My boson practice exam says that MST "allows a single spanning tree instance for multiple VLANs" and Rapid-PVST+ "allows a single spanning tree instance for individual VLANs".  I'm not sure about MST, but isn't this not what I would expect for Rapid-PVST+?  Also this question is one of those drag and drop match-ups and neither of these designations are supposed to be associated with regular STP or RSTP.  A bit confused here.  Please help me as I'm on my final grind scheduled to sit Jan 31.
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