SEC401 Exam advice and help needed

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hi everyone, i took 2 exams for 401 and fail with score 59%, and i have my last shot on 12/03/2020 and i need help or advice how to make my index and study more focus on it, can anyone share his index or to giude me how to fix mine???

its my last try before the 1 year band for giac


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    I would personally suggest you take a step back and go over a Security+ book.

    A good portion of the material, is Security+ material with a $7,000 price tag. What differentiates SEC401 from some of the other courses is the amount of material. 

    Your score says one thing, that thing is you really don't understand and/or grasping the material. You might not be ready. What is the rush? If it takes you 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months please adequately prepare yourself. 

    If you were relatively close, I would say study hard, cram, then retake the exam. You haven't produced a score that I feel would allow me or anyone to tell you to hurry up and retake. Some exams if an individual is close they might, just might barely pass the reattempt. 

    You can find how to create an index online. I am sure you will find hours worth of examples and reviews about creating an index. Trust me, do some leg-work yourself. Stop looking for an easy way out with using another persons index. 

    This course is a lower level course. Slow down and go through the material again. I think you are not understanding the material and think for some reason the index will save you. If it didn't save you the first two times, it probably won't save you the third time. 

    Yes, I have and suggest using an index but unless you have the answer, can easily find it, and swipe fast enough to get a paper cut you shouldn't 100% rely on an index. An index is like supplemental material. An index supplements what you should have already memorized/understood. 

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