Preparing for GREM in a few days

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Wow... It's been years since I've visited TechExams, it's also been a few years since I've taken any certification exam. I've just finished going through the GREM ON-Demand content for a second time, finished my index and took my first Practice exam. I scored an 78... but, I easily could have done 85+ had I just slowed down a bit, there were 7 questions I knew the answer to and missed, I think it's pre-exam jitters. Anyway, my plan is to go through all the labs today, and modify my index with the notes I took on what I missed. But I was wondering a couple questions from those who have taken this exam.

1. Honestly, are the practice test even a good indicator of the actual exam? I know that had I just slowed down and double checked my answers, I would have had about an 87 or so on the practice test. I think it calmed my nerves to actually take the first practice test and get a feel for things. I still had 30 minutes left when I finished it, so I know that I could take more time. I'll do the second practice test tomorrow.

2. I know it's open book/open note, I took the GCED a few years ago. However, I'm curious about the notes, the wording on the policy seems clear enough I suppose, but what do they consider "Appearance or practice test/exam questions?" By this I mean, I have some completely unrelated blog posts on Anti-disassembly and anti-debugging techniques that I've printed out which have some of the basic structures of common techniques, is stuff like that ok? If not, no big deal, I feel like I have a decent handle on those anyway.



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    Ok, got about an 87% on the second practice test. Feeling a bit better, hopefully the practice tests give an OK representation of the actual test. From memory, the GCED a few years back was definitely harder than the practice tests, but the practice tests did help.
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